A mutated human with an abnormally large cranium. A third, independent eye occupies the center of his forehead.



Origins: Prescient Mindbreaker
Prescient: Psi; +2 to psi overcharge; +4 bonus to Interaction checks; +1 bonus to AC and Will; +2 bonus to opportunity attack rolls and a +4 bonus to initiative checks.
Mindbreaker: Psi; +2 to psi overcharge; +4 bonus to Interaction checks; +2 bonus to Will; While you ’re conscious, you and each ally within 10 squares of you can mentally communicate with one another.

Level 1
XP 0

STR: 6
CON: 10
DEX: 9
INT: 11
WIS: 18
CHA: 16

Acrobatics +0
Athletics -1
Conspiracy +1
Insight +5
Interaction +12
Mechanics +5
Nature +5
Perception +5
Science +1
Stealth +0

AC: 15
Fort: 11
Ref: 11
Will: 18
HP: 22
Init: +4
Speed: 6

-Novice Primary: Thwarted Defense
You read your enemy’s future actions and close off its avenues for retreat.
At-Will @ Physical, Psi, Weapon
Standard Action
Melee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom+your level+weapon accuracy vs. AC
Hit: 1[W] + Wisdom modifier + your level physical damage, and the target can’t shift until the end of your next turn. (+ 7 vs. AC; 1d10+5 physical)

-Novice Secondary: Psychic Assault
You project a bolt of mental energy that slams into your foe ’s psyche like a sucker punch. At-Will @ Psi, Psychic
Standard Action
Target: One creature
Ranged 20
Attack: Charisma + your level vs. Will Hit: 1dl0 + Charisma modifier + twice your level psychic damage. (+ 4 vs. Will; 1d10+5 psychic)

- Day-Glo yellow Hazmat jumpsuit (light armor)
- Driftwood walking stick (heavy one-handed melee)
- .357 Magnum (heavy one-handed gun)(+ 3 vs. AC; 2d6+1 physical)
- Explorer’s Kit
- Climber’s Kit
- Radio Cellphone
- Laptop Computer

Alpha Mutations:
- Confusion (Psi)
Huh? What?
Standard Action
Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Level + 3 vs Will; Hit: The target is confused (save ends). While the target is under this effect, roll a d6 a the start of its turn to see what it does:
1-2: It doesn’t take any actions
3-4: It attacks the nearest creature
5: It moves away from you at full speed
6: It acts normally
Overcharge: When you hit with this power you can roll a d20
10+: You choose the d6 result during each turn the target is confused
9 or less: You’re also confused until the end of your next turn.

Omega Tech
- Mk 1 Laser Pistol (Ishtar Tech)
This energy pistol emits a beam of focused blue energy.
Weapon: 1-hand ranged
Power: Encounter @ Laser
Standard Action
Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Level + 6 vs. Reflex
Hit: 4d8 + Intelligence modifier + twice your level laser damage
Salvage 2: A 2nd-level character can salvage the Mk 1 Laser Pistol. It becomes A light 1-hand ranged 10 weapon: Dex/Int; +3 accuracy; 1d10 laser damage.


Born in Rockyford, Durvin mostly resembles a pre-Mistake human male… except for his enormous, hairless cranium with independent third eye. Most of his physical strength is dedicated to supporting this massive head, leaving him relatively weak and uncoordinated. These deformitites stem from his psychic powers, which grant him prophetic snippets. These visions have left Durvin moderately paranoid, causing him to be nervous and jittery, as if he has had far too much coffee. His more aggressive mutations are the result of his psychically projecting his unpleasant emotions at others.
Clad in a (once) bright yellow protective suit, Durvin uses a heavy wooden stick to help him move about at a normal speed. He rarely enters physical combat, preferring to stay at range and use his mental abilities (or his shiny new laser, which he is saving for a real emergency). Despite his nerves and paranoia, Durvin is generally soft-spoken and friendly. He is looking to leave Rockyford for reasons he cannot fully explain… only knowing that one of his visions is guiding him… something more instinctual; less conciously understood.


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